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Literature Witnesses Feminine Power: A Panel Discussion on Xue Mo’s Works Held in Olympia London

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Literature Witnesses Feminine Power: A Panel Discussion on Xue Mo’s Works Held in Olympia London

Writer Xue Mo and His Readers

Literature Witnesses Feminine Power:A Panel Discussion on Xue Mo’s Works Held in Olympia London


“I believe the world will be a peaceful place if we can discover the power of motherhood, and spread it to the world. No mother would wish to see her child harmed in war.”— Xue Mo


MELBOURNE LN, AURORA, ILLINOIS, US, April 22, 2023/ EINPresswire.com / -- The “Literature Witnesses Feminine Power” panel discussion to explore the value of female love and wisdom, co-organized by Sinomedia International Group and renowned writer Xue Mo, was held successfully at the London Book Fair on April 19, 2023. Four invited speakers included: Dr. Simon Duan, Vice President of the Chinese Parapsychology Association, UK; Vivian Xue, a UK-based travel writer; Shelly Tan, a PhD student at London University; and cultural scholar Xue Mo. During the discussion, they exchanged views on the award-winning novel Into the Desert, analyzing the typical female characters portrayed by Xue Mo, as well as exploring female power, female awakening, and female wisdom from the perspective of literature.

This year, Xue Mo is reported as the only Chinese writer who owns an independent booth at the Fair. Last year, during the 2022 Frankfurt Book Fair, writer Xue Mo ranked No.1 in the top searched topics in the international media, who even outshone the Spanish Guest of Honor and became the most talked-about figure.

Xue Mo’s new book Into the Desert was a collaborative translation by Howard Goldblatt, a preeminent American sinologist and translator of Chinese literature, as well as his wife Dr. Sylvia Li-chun Lin, adapted from two volumes of The Desert Trilogy: White Tiger Pass and Desert Rites.

Into the Desert is one of the best-selling books published by Long River Press, a San Francisco-based imprint of Sinomedia International Group. Ever since its first release in June 2022, this re-adapted novel has been favored by many overseas consumers. In February 2023, Into the Desert won the Best Translated Book Award issued by China International Publishing Group (CIPG).

Writer Xue Mo and His Publisher

Chris Luo, Editor-in-Chief of Long River Press, delivered a short welcome speech via video at the start of the panel discussion. He thought that Into the Desert was a fascinating adventure story which might serve as an inspiring guide for readers to navigating their life challenges. To him, it seemed more engaging than the Hollywood movie Thelma and Louise. When referring to Chinese literature, Christ really hoped that Into the Desert could bring western readers a totally fresh reading experience.

Xue Mo gave a speech at the panel discussion

As a PhD student in feminist studies, Shelly Tan has been conducting research to examine how emotions affect a woman’s values, attitudes, mindsets, and behaviors, and to what extent emotions can exert impact on a woman’s personal development and spiritual growth. She was deeply impressed by the emotional portrayals and inner strength of those female characters in Xue Mo’s works.

During the discussion, Shelly showed great interest in how Xue Mo, as a male, managed to depict a female’s respond to misery, hardship and adversity with rich descriptions and precise language in his literary works. Xue Mo then explained,

“The whole world resembles an ocean, while men and women are just like bubbles; though different, they come from the same source- the ocean. When a bubble smashes itself, it immediately becomes part of the ocean. What I really wanted to say is that I spent twenty years to smash myself as a bubble and finally merged with the ocean. By doing so, I’m now able to be any form of the ocean: waves, tides, currents, tsunamis. And these eventually became the many characters and stories portrayed in my literary works.”

As a promoter of Chinese literature in English, Vivian Xue was totally gratified that Chinese stories, especially those of Chinese women, could be introduced to Britain in the form of books. She also mentioned that Jack Hargreaves, a young sinologist and translator from East Yorkshire, once told a news reporter,

“Many contemporary Chinese writers are truly good at creating reader-friendly books, with cross-cultural characters and stories, catering to the tastes of both Chinese and international readers, in order to reach a wider readership around the world.”

Xue Mo and Dr. Simon Duan

When asked why he was so fond of Xue Mo’s works, Dr. Simon Duan, the founder and CEO of Metacomp tics Labs, shared his opinion,

“Parapsychology has long been a captivating discipline of scientific research, thanks to its enigmatic phenomena and unexplained occurrences. Actually, quite a few people have also experienced these strange and inexplicable events firsthand. Unlike many writers who rely on their conscious minds to craft their stories, Xue Mo always writes from the depths of his pure awareness, allowing his innermost wisdom to guide his pen. As a result, his works possess an incredibly powerful and authentic quality that resonates with readers, regardless of their backgrounds.”

Xue Mo was interviewed on site

When speaking of maternal love and female wisdom, Xue Mo shared his insightful views and left a deep impression on everyone,

“In general, humanity includes two opposing aspects: divinity and barbarity. They are just like two sides of the same coin. Women tend to embody the power of divinity, as the most precious inner quality of women is motherhood. As a matter of fact, motherhood encompasses many crucial characteristics of divinity, such as selflessness, devotion, and love. Of course, only men with divinity can perceive the power of female divinity. A man with barbarity can only see the animal side of women, because what he sees is the barbarity in his own mind.”

“I believe the world will be a peaceful place if we can discover the power of motherhood and spread it to the world. No mother would wish to see her child harmed in war. In the contrary, men may cruelly take millions of lives by initiating violence and bloodshed when they surrender to their own barbarity. Why is that so? Because women yearn for love, whereas men aspire for violence. In today’s world, women’s voice is still much less heard than men. As a consequence, this planet is always occupied with wars, bloodshed, and violence. That’s why Xue Mo salutes to women, to motherly love, and to love and wisdom.” he further noted.

At the end of the discussion, Xue Mo concluded as follows,

“When the feminine wisdom and love truly arise the world as the sun, the light of peace will break through darkness and shine upon us eventually. Therefore, we have to use motherly love to dispel hatred, motherly wisdom to annihilate ignorance, and female tolerance to eliminate conflicts. Only in this way can we make the world a better place.”

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