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The Holy Monk and the Spirit Woman

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The Holy Monk and the Spirit Woman

The hero of this novel is based on Khyungpo Naljor, one of the greatest figures in Tibetan history.

He is praised as ‘The great achiever in the Himalayas’.Therefore, the book can also be called the Pilgrims' Song.Written in an magical realist style,the novel is a biographic story of a great achiever after going through a long journey to find authentic selves and towards enlightenment. It is full of mystery beyond the mundane but deeply rooted in the worldly life.From the perspective of historical and cultural research,the book may have filled in a blank in a specific historical period of Himalayan culture and the interaction between cultures of China, Nepal and India.

The book is very different from biographies that is popular nowadays.It is filled with abundant dialogues between characters and rich details about characters’ spiritual quests.It not only contains secret guidance for people to transcend worldliness to attain self realization,but also elaboratesthe pitfalls that one might fall into when faced with tough choices as well as effective methods to deal with them.You will thereby understand that a great person, a hero, is never born to be an unusually blessed extraordinary person,but rather a person with flesh and blood and emotions.

Each chapter has different stories, as well as differentsymbolic meanings,which not only vividly shows how a pilgrim went through his journey to seek enlightenment,but also provides a good examplefor those who leave their hometown to search for a home for their souls.With this book, you will have the code to understand your innermost soul,and possessing a wisdom to face your life’s hardship gracefully.

The following people will like this book:those who yearn for distant places and love pilgrimage,those who are interested in foreign cultures, religions, and philosophy.and those who find themselves lost in life, wanting to improve and perfect themselves.In addition, it is also a great book to learn about the history of the Shangpa lineage as an example of the treasures of Chinese culture.

Now the book has been published in English, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.



Amazon Link: The Holy Monk and the Spirit Woman (English Version)

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